Poland to exhibit wrecked Russian tanks in Ukraine

Poland to exhibit wrecked Russian tanks in Ukraine

The outdoor exhibit, ironically titled “Invincible Army,” will be mounted on Castle Square in Warsaw’s Old Town, painstakingly rebuilt after its destruction in World War II.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said similar displays are planned in Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and other European capitals.

“We will help ensure that Russian tanks reach Europe, but in the form of debris,” Reznikov told Polish TV channel Polsat on Sunday.

Ukraine has urged its Western allies to give it more supplies and ammunition to bolster its defense against Russian attacks in the east of the country.

Poland will display damaged Russian tanks and Russian armored vehicles captured by Ukrainian forces during the war, Polish and Ukrainian officials said Tuesday.

The head of Polish Prime Minister’s office, Michal Dworczyk, said it was about highlighting Russian “atrocities” and the Ukrainian response.

“On the one hand, we show the atrocities that the Russian army is carrying out in Ukraine, (and) on the other we show the heroic defense of the Ukrainian armed forces and the results of these fightings,” Dworczyk said.

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