Court confirms Fernández de Kirchner's trial for corruption in Argentina's Supreme Court.

Court confirms Fernández de Kirchner’s trial for corruption in Argentina’s Supreme Court.

The trial began in May 2019 and the parties’ arguments are scheduled to begin next month. The vice president could receive a sentence greater than 10 years in prison.

Argentina’s Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a dozen appeals filed by Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to overturn the trial she faces for alleged corruption in the public works concession during her presidency.

The four members of the highest court voted unanimously not to make room for the proposals of the main accused – among others the rejection of the evidence presented by the prosecution – so the only corruption trial underway against the center-left leader will continue until the sentence is issued.

Fernández de Kirchner, 69, is accused of being the head of an illicit association that during her term (2007-2015) irregularly awarded 51 public road works contracts in the southern province of Santa Cruz to the construction company of Lázaro Báez, a businessman close to him who is also accused along with a dozen other people.

Cristina de Kirchner is an Argentine politician of the Peronist Party and was President of Argentina from 2007 to 2015.

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