Argentina and Brazil will play the suspended match in São Paulo

Argentina and Brazil will play the suspended match in São Paulo

What motivated the conflict were the income of the four players mentioned, who played in England -although Lo Celso currently plays for Villarreal in Spain-, a country that then had a restriction for those people who entered Brazil from there, so the health authorities maintained that they should remain in quarantine.

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) defined on Monday that the pending match between the Argentine National Team and its Brazilian counterpart for the South American Qualifiers towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup -which has both representatives already classified- will be played again in the city of São Paulo -where it was held when it was suspended due to the health conflict- on September 22.

Although the decision is already taken by the CBF, it is still subject to the resolution of the FIFA Appeals Committee, which at the time had reduced the fines for both associations by half: for Argentina it was 100,000 Swiss francs and that of Brazil, as the organizing country, 250,000.

However, from the AFA they warned that they would continue the claim before the CAS, even in the economic item.

The highest body of world football announced on May 9 that, after evaluating the disclaimers presented by the CBF and the AFA for the original ruling, the match should be played again, and ratified that the points in dispute were resolved on the field. However, it did not set a date or venue.

From the entity chaired by Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia the appeal was filed so that the match is not disputed, following the suspension of September 5 of last year at the Neo Química stadium in Corinthians, which in the end would again be the same scenario as defined by the CBF.

It should be noted that, in addition to the economic sanction provided, footballers Emiliano Buendía, Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez, Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian “Cuti” Romero had also been suspended for two matches each, “for not complying with the PROTOCOL of International Matches of Return to Football of FIFA”.