Russian-Ukrainian conflict putting pressure on India

Russian-Ukrainian conflict is putting pressure on India and others in Europe

Russian-Ukrainian conflict is putting pressure on India and others in Europe

It can be seen then that, aware that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is putting pressure on some postulates and actions of New Delhi’s diplomacy, it insists on maintaining its degrees of autonomy in a multipolar world.

From its growing weight and international influence, India then evolves from its historical non-alignment, to what some authors call a “non-alignment 2.0” and others, a multi-alignment.

The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was felt on a global scale, and on several levels in the case of Asia.

An interesting example is that of India, where both the short-term impacts and the profound challenges to its regional and global positioning at various levels can be observed.

In turn, this armed conflict in Europe allows us to analyze aspects of India’s sophisticated foreign policy vision of the war and its consequences.

India is facing very complex dilemmas in terms of foreign policy because of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, because of the tension between its historic regional alliances, and its growing rapprochement with the US. Since its independence, India has adopted a position as a non-aligned country.

But in the last decade this position evolved into what can be called a “non-alignment 2.0”, where becoming aware of its new dimension as an emerging power, it seeks to maximize its degrees of autonomy in a multipolar world.

Historically India has had military clashes mainly with two countries. The first was Pakistan – its brother-enemy – with which they were born together as states when they achieved independence from Great Britain (1947), but with which it has had four wars.

The second is China, with whom he was at war in 1962, and with which he maintains frequent border incidents. Faced with these military challenges, the traditional supplier of weapons to India was the USSR and then Russia.

But, overcoming a certain distrust of the Anglo-Saxon powers, India began a policy of rapprochement with the US at the beginning of this century.

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