Elections in France: Macron won but was far from the parliamentary majority

Elections in France: Macron won but was far from the parliamentary majority

Abstention, according to projections, is around 54 percent, a point and a half more than in the first round, last Sunday, but 3.4 points less than in the second round of 2017.

As these are projections, these results may vary as the count progresses, but the consultants agree, broadly speaking, that this number of absentees will remain.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s alliance, Ensemble, suffered a sharp fall and was far from revalidating its absolute majority in the National Assembly in the second round of legislative elections on Sunday.

According to the projections of the consultants, the ruling party will be around 220-230 seats, almost 100 seats less than in 2017.

If this trend is confirmed, the results represent a setback for the centrist president, re-elected on April 24, who will have to weave alliances in parliament in order to carry out his government program.

Those listed as main allies are the conservative bloc Los Republicanos (LR), which will go from 130 places to less than 78, according to last-minute projections, but which will be a key piece for the Ensemble’s poroteo.

Meanwhile, the new left-wing alliance Nupes, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, would become the main opposition force, with between 149 and 190 deputies.

the other novelty of the election night is the rise of Marine Le Pen’s National Regroupment (RN), which goes from eight deputies to between 80 and 100, according to local media projections.

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