About two million tourists were mobilized throughout Argentina according to the latest news from the Argentinian government media agency.

The City of Buenos Aires expects the arrival of more than eighty thousand (80,000) tourists this long weekend, during which the Buenos Aires Alternative proposal will be offered, which contemplates activities that transcend the traditional circuits, as reported from the Tourism Agency (Entur) of Buenos Aires.

The estimates of expenses by those who visit the City from yesterday until next Monday reach € 154,275,000.00, while hotel occupancy will reach almost 80% on more than 70 thousand places.

On this occasion, the tourist offer will invite “to discover the hidden side of the City through a thematic itinerary through its emerging circuit and opens the possibility of living various experiences that transcend the traditional tourist circuits,” they said.

The itinerary is structured around “hidden” bars and independent cultural centers and represents an opportunity to enjoy festivals, plays, exhibitions and cinema.

There will be special programs at La Usina del Arte, and at the San Martín and Recoleta cultural centers.

beyond the traditional tourist destinations that are visited during the long holidays, this XL weekend, which commemorates flag Day and the death of General Martín Miguel de Güemes, these four days of rest will also be a good indicator for the local tourism sector with a view to the winter season. In particular, the ski resorts.

Regarding the reservations for these days, from the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation confirmed that high percentages of occupancy and reservation of beds for this extra-long weekend were registered.

From the private sector, meanwhile, they assured that about two million tourists and hikers visited the main tourist destinations in Argentina.

Among the main destinations with almost total occupancy are Mendoza with 95%; Tandil with 95%; Bariloche and Iguazú with 90%; Esquel with 80%; It jumps with 90% at the provincial level; The Termas de Río Hondo with 95%; Mar del Plata and Villa La Angostura with 70%; Ushuaia with 80%, among others.

Snow destinations. Since yesterday, three of the main snow destinations in the country, such as Cerro Catedral, in Bariloche; Cerro Bayo, in Villa La Angostura (Neuquén), and La Hoya, in Esquel (Chubut), opened their tracks for the enjoyment of the hundreds of tourists who dusted off their boards and went on a mountain adventure these days.

In the specific case of Cerro Catedral, it partially opened its doors for skiing and snowboarding, taking advantage of the good amount of snow that is already accumulated in the mountain.

In relation to the novelties for this season, the ski center of Bariloche premiered a quadruple chairlift, in the sector known as Connection and that reaches up to 1,900 meters above sea level. In addition, work was done on the Garganta and Paralela slopes, designed especially for the enjoyment of visitors. With these slopes it was possible to increase 25% of the skiable surface of the upper third of the Hill.

Improvements were also made to the snowmaking system, and two 0 km runway machines were incorporated, in addition to the existing twelve.

At the base of the Cathedral, meanwhile, two new Magic Carpet and a snowmaking cannon were installed. The means enabled so far are the Amancay Gondola lift and the Diente de Caballo chairlifts and Bosque Chairlift, as reported from the concessionaire of the place.

After its opening for pedestrians on June 11, since yesterday Cerro Bayo is also enabled, the ski center located in the town of Villa La Angostura, in the province of Neuquén.

Regarding the characteristics of this boutique winter center, for this season it added three snow cannons, with six in total. The rental located at 1,500 meters was also expanded, doubling its size to more than 600 m2, facilitating the dynamics of the skiers, who do not have to climb in the media with all the equipment.

But beyond the ski slopes, the hill also offers different proposals, with personalized services, gastronomy and varied activities for tourists.

For its part, the La Hoya ski center, located in the Chubutense town of Esquel, took advantage of this long weekend to make a pre-opening with a view to the definitive opening scheduled for July 1, according to official sources.

Among the new facilities is a Magic Carpet in the beginners’ area at 1,600. An easy and modern medium, ideal for taking the first steps in snow sports. Among the favorites of visitors who choose La Hoya are the Las Lengas chairlift, which connects the base up to 1,600.

It also highlights the Del Cañadón chairlift reaches up to 1,800 mnsm, and the Paseo de los Guanacos, where you can hike with rackets with the best views from the base to 1,600 meters above sea level.

The ski center school offers individual, semi-exclusive and group ski and snowboard lessons for all skill levels. There is also a snow garden and Junior Club for the little ones.

“In line with what were a record summer season and Easter and in the high level of reservations for the winter season, we have the expectation of a long weekend with excellent occupancy levels in all destinations in the country,” said Matías Lammens, Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation.

In this sense, the head of the ministerial portfolio said: “We receive very encouraging reserve numbers from both the North, Cuyo, the Coast, the center of the country and Patagonia.

That means movement of the economy and above all genuine work in every corner of Argentina,” he added.

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