Scandal around Cameroon Indomitable Lions bonuses

Cameroon: new scandal around the bonuses of the Indomitable Lions

Cameroon: new scandal around the bonuses of the Indomitable Lions

Recalled earlier that Indomitable Lions countless nervous breakdowns and headaches between the players, their federation and the government responsible for paying the bonuses, the threats of strikes, the talks that drag on until the end of the night, and the suitcase carriers sent by Yaoundé to appease the conflicts.

A total of 807,000 euros

This time, when everything had been negotiated according to the rules of the art between all the parties concerned, and the amount of the premiums had to be kept secret, this one has – opportunely? – leaked on social networks.

We learn that Rigobert Song, the coach, pocketed 31,175 euros, and his four assistants (Sébastien Migné, Augustine Simo, Souleymanou Hamidou, Raphaël Fèvre) 19,000 euros each.

That is as much as the bonus granted to each of the 27 players selected for the double confrontation with Algeria (0-1, 2-1) last March and to the team doctor.

Bill Tchato, the former international, earned a little less: his bank account was credited with €17,580.

The leak of the amount of remuneration paid to the players, the technical staff and the management of the national team for the qualification to the 2022 World Cup does not cease to provoke controversy.

Cameroonian football has always been able to reinvent itself.

The proof: for years, was mainly talked about for cases of unpaid or misappropriated bonuses, and preferably before – and even during, sense of spectacle obliges – a major competition, such as the World Cup or the CAN.

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