Putin said “things will return to normal” once the war is over.

The war in Ukraine and sanctions : Putin said "it is a mistake" to think that things "will return to normal" once the war is over.

The war in Ukraine and sanctions : Putin said “it is a mistake” to think that things “will return to normal” once the war is over.

Earlier the Russians President Vladimir Putin in an ongoing crisis in Ukraine challenged the United States: “The era of the unipolar world order is over”

In relation to the invasion of Ukraine, Putin was once again dissatisfied with the sanctions that the West imposed on Russia, since he defined them as “crazy and inconsiderate”.

For this reason, he assured that the purpose of the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is “to crush the economy of the Russian Federation, but it has not worked”; on the contrary, Putin explained that the sanctions had an adverse effect on the economies of the member countries of the military union.

“With their own hands, they have damaged their economies. Inflation in some countries has already exceeded 20%,” the president said.

Similarly, Putin blamed governments for the excessive increase in prices worldwide, since he clarified that they used the war in Europe to take the focus off “excessive spending and loose monetary policy”.

In relation to the internal crisis facing Russia, the Kremlin leader tried to downplay the importance of conflicts within his inner circle, stating: “Russia will never take the path of isolation and autarky.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin challenged the United States and allied powers during his tough speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, as well as criticizing the sanctions the West imposed on the Kremlin after the start of the war in Ukraine.

“The era of the unipolar world order is over,” Putin warned, so he attacked the United States for treating countries as “colonies.”

In that sense, he made a discouraging and unclear forecast for the future: “Nothing will be like before in world politics.”

The Kremlin leader clarified that “it is a mistake to suggest that times of turbulent change can be expected to pass and that things will return to normal; that everything will be the same again.” In that line, he said that “it will not happen.”

Regarding the new world order, the Russian president made it clear that the rules would be set by “the United States and sovereign states,” but recalled that Russia is a “powerful and modern country.”

According to Putin’s projections, hunger in the poorest countries “will be in the consciousness of the United States and the Eurobureaucracy.”

Consequently, “a wave of radicalism and a change of elites” will come. “The European Union irreversibly lost sovereignty, while its elites dance to other music,” he said.

In Ukraine they believe that Vladimir Putin “could be executed” like Ceausescu and Gaddafi” while Vladimir Putin rating and approval remains at its pick on the note of national defense.